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We are a member of Winteam500 Law Group with over 100 branches worldwide in China, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Germany. Our UK branches are located as follows:

Latitude Office:
Unit 1 Latitude
155 Bromsgrove Street
Birmingham B5 6AB
Tel: 0121 6921898
Fax: 0121 6223828

Willenhall Office:
Quickjay Buildings
Bilston Street
West Midlands
WV13 2AW
Tel: 01902 366 615
Fax: 01902 366 614

Please book an appointment through
07802 881 523 or 01902 366 615

If you need emergency advice at a Police Station,
call 07779 253 682.
Head Office/Registered Address:

Ian Henery Solicitors Limited
Quickjay Buildings
Bilston Street
West Midlands
WV13 2AW
Tel: 01902 366 615
Fax: 01902 366 614

SRA ID: 519162
Company Registration No: 6998324
VAT Reg. No. 754 467 406
ICO Reg. No. Z2003051

Licensed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as an Alternative Business Structure
Ian D. Henery
Irene Yoong-Henery
Bernard K.Y. Yoong
Su Peng Lee
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My wife and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for all the efforts of yourself and colleagues for the successful application and granting of a spouse visa. We have both now returned to the UK. Jenny and I will pop in to the office to personally express our thanks.
John H

Ian Henery Solicitors Limited is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association.

IAN HENERY SOLICITORS LIMITED has an office in the Arcadian Centre, in the middle of Chinatown in Birmingham. The Principal writes:

I recently heard about the case of a Chinese migrant in the UK on a Certificate of Sponsorship whose visa extension had been refused due to a conviction for drink driving. This seemed like a good time to do an article packed with important information for all those in the UK under immigration control.

I believe that the Chinese migrant should have appealed the decision not to extend his visa. It is unfortunate that people do not immediately get expert legal advice because the UK Border Agency have certain criteria for taking into account the convictions of staff which they must follow.

Unless the conviction is spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, the only offences that can be taken into consideration for sponsors or workers are:

  1. Offences under the various Immigration Acts (e.g. overstaying and illegal entry in to the UK);
  2. Trafficking for sexual exploitation;
  3. Offences of dishonesty or deception;
  4. Certain offences listed in Appendix B of the full policy guidance (eg benefit fraud).

Our firm undertakes many cases appealing decisions of the UK Border Agency.

Immigration law is always changing and this worker fell victim to a change in political feeling in the UK that led to British Prime Minister, David Cameron stating, on 25th March 2013, that immigration policies will favour people who work hard and aspire to get on in life.

The Prime Minister also stated:

  1. The benefits system will be overhauled in early 2014 whereby non-UK nationals (citizens of the European Union) after 6 months will no longer qualify for Job Seekers Allowance and other benefits unless they can prove that they have actually sought work and have a good chance of finding work. People who overstay their visas will, in future, not be allowed to claim any benefits even though they may have worked in the UK legitimately and paid National Insurance prior to the expiry of their visas.
  2. The NHS will no longer treat people on tourist visas (EU nationals will still get free NHS care) unless they have private health insurance.
  3. The fines to employers for employing illegal immigrants will double to £20,000 per worker.
  4. Landlords who let a property to an illegal immigrant may also be fined.
  5. A new Life in the UK Test has also been launched on 25th March 2013. This test, taken by migrants wanting to settle permanently in the UK, will focus on British culture, history and traditions and migrants must be able to speak English to a good standard. Migrants will have to learn about the literary works of Shakespeare, the scientific contributions of Newton and Fleming, the politics of Churchill and the music of the Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber, amongst others.

David Cameron said: "While I have always believed in the benefits of immigration, I have also always believed that immigration has to be properly controlled". Immigration Minister, Mark Harper, said that the Government wants "to create a selective immigration system that works in our national interest".

Ian Henery Solicitors Limited won a significant victory against the Government on 11th March 2013 over the issue of immigration control and convictions for criminal conduct. The Government tried to deport a man who had a long list of convictions for drug dealing, possession of offensive weapons and causing greivious bodily harm. He also had HIV AIDS and had 8 children with different women. He was not happy with his firm of solicitors in London and transferred to my firm on personal recommendation. My first objective was to get this man bail from the Immigration Deportation Centre in Dover and halt his deportation back to his country of origin.

This is a real life story following the Home Office deciding, in 2012, that they wanted to deport my client after he had finished his lengthy prison sentence for drug dealing, weapons and wounding. My client was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court in London. He did not want to go back to his country of origin but to remain in the UK with his 8 children. The Home Office wanted to deport him from the UK because it "was conducive to the public good" because of his imprisonment for drugs, weapons and wounding.
At the Immigration Tribunal, we were successful in getting my client out on bail and back to Wolverhampton to be with his 8 children. We argued before the Tribunal that deporting my client would breach his human rights and would be unlawful. We successfully argued:

  1. The Home Office's decision was unlawful under Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 8);
  2. The decision to deport my client breached the UK Border Agency's duty to safeguard the welfare of the children enshrined in Section 55 of the UK Borders, Citizenship & Immigration Act 2009;
  3. My client's current girlfriend (and mother of 3 of his children) had been diagnosed with cancer of the uterus and cervix. She was born in the UK and could not move to his country of origin.
  4. My client was diagnosed with HIV AIDS in 2004 and will be on medication for life. If deported, his ability to access medical treatments would be adversely affected and his life expectancy greatly reduced and would breach his human rights (Article 8).
  5. My client had been living in the UK for over 20 years and the UK has a duty of care for him by virtue of his long length of residence in the UK. He is entitled to remain in the UK to benefit from the medical, social and other services to which he is entitled.
  6. My client had served his sentence and it could not be justified that his convictions must mean that he should be deported.

We have successfully appealed countless other cases and judicially reviewed the Government for getting their interpretation of immigration law in the UK wrong. We have won appeals to the Home Office about indefinite leave to remain, the extension of visas, visas for spouses and people wanting to come to the UK to get married, civil penalties for illegal workers etc.

If you have any questions regarding the law, please call 0121 693 4588 - help is only one call away.

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